Jide Badmus is a creative writer who has been a noteworthy poet, editor and leader in the poetry space of Nigeria, and Africa. He uses writing as an art of deep reflection, taking even the most unperturbed of minds with him on a quest to finding answers.

His works, some of which have appeared in African Writer Magazine, The Shore, Dream Noir, Neuro Logical, Jalada, Kalahari Review, Disquiet Arts, Parousia Magazine, Writers Space Africa and many more, uniquely revels in sensuality and healing with a strong purpose that finds expression in the divine influence of beauty and destruction in everything.

Jide is an Editor and Member of the Board of Advisors for Libretto Magazine, an African art & publishing platform aimed at celebrating African literature and artists. He also edits for Con-Scio Magazine amongst others. In addition to being an editor, he has been a speaker and/or teacher of creative writing at various forums and workshops.

He has curated and edited more than a couple poetry anthologies, some of which are Vowels Under Duress, Coffee, and Today, I Choose Joy which addressed issues of suicide in the creative artist’s community.

He is the author of two well-acclaimed poetry collections, There is a Storm in my Head, and Scripture. He also co-authored another poetry book, Paper Planes in the Rain.

However, since being a writer does not mean you have all the answers, Jide Badmus has found some of his expression in Mechanical, Electrical and Piping (MEP) engineering. With more than a decade worth of experience, a BEng in Electrical Engineering, and an MSc in Information Technology Management, he is the Principal Project Engineer at Megawatts Nigeria Limited, a key player in MEP engineering industry.

He lives in Lagos, Nigeria with his lovely wife, Linda and their two adorable daughters, Nora and Nicole.

Jide is one great personality everyone wants to associate with

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