Each time we go to war, We make love to destruction & Bring beauty to its knees...

Jide Badmus, Cliche

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Jide Badmus is an engineer, a poet inspired by beauty and destruction; he believes that things in ruins were once beautiful.

Author of There is a Storm in my Head ; Scripture; Paper Planes in the Rain; Paradox of Little Fires; Silk Psalms; Anatomy of the Sun (and everything beneath); Lust Alphabets; and Obaluaye (FlowerSong Press, 2022). What Do I Call My Love for Your Body, forthcoming from Roaring Lion Newcastle (September 2022). He has a Pushcart Prize nomination.

Badmus has curated/edited anthologies such as Vowels Under Duress; Coffee; Today, I Choose Joy; and How to Fall in Love.

He is founder, INKspiredNG, Poetry Editor for Con-scio Magazine, and sits on the board of advisors for Libretto Magazine.

Jide writes from Lagos, Nigeria. He tweets @bardmus

Enjoy some of my work

The Psychology of Power

There’s one god, and its name is power… Dean Koontz (The Night Window).

The Vacuum

The sirens jolted you back to life — light had just been restored. For a minute you could not...

Daddy’s Breasts

Nora, at a few months old, was fascinated with my breasts—probably wondering why...


My colleagues say I sit on the fence a lot. As if that is a comfortable space to be. It is generally believed...

In The Crack

I can’t remember my first kiss. I can’t remember anything meaningful from my childhood — except...

OF LOVE & ALLERGIES: A review of Dami Ajayi’s Affection & Other Accidents

Poetry has thrived, over time, on two contrasting themes: Love & Grief. They are mostly treated as two extremes but masters of the art see beyond...

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